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The use we make of our furniture every day can cause them to suffer damage over time such as small scratches, marks, breaks … which can be avoided by buying furniture accessories such as these: adhesive tapes, end caps and adhesive felts. In addition, all these products not only prevent your furniture from being damaged, but are also responsible for protecting your floor because when dragging a chair or moving a sofa you can scratch it.

Luckily there are many simple, inexpensive and very effective options that will help you avoid it. At Pomoline we propose 6 very effective and economical solutions to protect your furniture from scratches or marks.

Adhesive felt for furniture legs, chairs and tables

On more than one occasion you have heard of this great accessory, adhesive felts. It is a product that has a powerful adhesive that allows it to be permanently attached to any leg. With this simple gesture you will avoid any scratches on your floor. On the other hand, it should be noted that these felts also have another very important function, they put an end to the squeak of any piece of furniture. All are advantages!

In our online catalog you will find them in different sizes, shapes and colors to suit your furniture and legs.

Within this group we also highlight the adhesive bumpers and the slides glides. When we talk about adhesive bumpers we refer to small transparent pieces that can be placed on doors in order to cushion the blows that may occur when closing a door, for example. As for the sliding glides, they are similar to felts, but this time they are screwed to the leg.

Tips and plugs

Another product that deserves to be among the top positions in the ranking of accessories for furniture and legs are the tips and plugs. Its function is very similar to that of adhesive felts, but its shape changes remarkably. While the other product is glued on with an adhesive, these snap onto the leg, either on the outside or on the inside.

In our online store we have several options, such as small transparent end plugs that are very discreet for the outdoors or black end caps that are inserted into the legs.

Pomoline, your reference knob shop

We know that choosing one or the other model can be a complicated decision, but throughout the purchase process you will have the help of our professionals, either via email, phone call or online chat.

At Pomoline we want to make it very easy for you, if you want to buy any of our accessories to protect your furniture, you just have to visit our online store, click on the furniture accessories catalog and choose the one you like the most and fits your home. We take care of the rest.

As you can see, in our online store we have several accessories that will adapt to your home and that will help you keep it as new for much longer. Visit our website!