Furniture Legs

September 17, 2019

The manufacture of wooden legs has been something necessary for the daily life of the human being. At the beginning, craftsmen from their humble carpentry turned by hand simple shapes that gave good use and convenient form. With the passage of time, these techniques were improved to make forms of wooden legs with different difficulty giving solemnity in some cases.

Generally, wooden legs of different shapes and heights were made according to their function, table, sofa, sideboard or dresser legs that gave the distinguished touch that a piece of furniture needs.

The Knobline wooden legs collection offers an assortment for all tastes and styles, with various shades or finishes, such as raw, honey, natural or wenge.
Today, the use of wooden legs has been extended to all industrial and professional sectors.

The manufacture and placement of wooden legs is relatively simple, using an 8mm metric stud, which is screwed into a nut embedded in the part under the sofa, furniture or table.
The legs also make the furniture or sofa not rest directly on the floor, which helps to clean the spaces under the furniture, and make it more comfortable and useful.

There are several heights depending on the use of the furniture that the wooden legs may have; that is, from a height of 5 cm to 85 cm, there is a large assortment of shapes and sizes where you can choose.

The stainless steel table legs combine very for kitchen bars or establishments being able to choose between two heights of 71 cm or 81 cm. Furniture elevators are designed to enhance it more and help with its cleaning. Felts can be placed underneath so that the floor is not scratched.


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