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Children’s and baby furniture knobs

This is our great collection of children’s knobs and handles for drawers and furniture for children. All children will love to decorate their room with decorative children’s knobs and handles with details that will make their imagination fly and help them create worlds of wonderful fantasies.

Colours, shapes and magical designs with which you will finally be able to carry out those great ideas you have in your head. The paint that has been used for the manufacture of these children’s handles is 100% safe for children! Take advantage now to buy children’s handles online and turn your children’s room into a fantastic rainbow.

Add colour to your new furniture or liven up your old ones with these children’s knobs and handles that bring colour and joy to any room. As you can see, we have a wide collection of children’s knobs and handles in a variety of styles, shapes, colours and designs – take your time to find the ones you like best and buy children’s knobs and handles that match your decor perfectly!

Types of children’s knobs and handles

Choose from our children’s handles in ceramic, rubber, lacquered wood, hand-painted wooden handles, stained, methacrylate, plastic, screen-printed and you will even find knobs that you can paint yourself so you can enjoy a fantastic activity with the little ones at home.

We have children’s handles with many different designs and shapes. You’ll find handles in the shape of a star, a flower, a cloud, a heart, a motorbike, with images of animals and colours, lots of colours.

Buy children’s handles online

At Pomoline you can find cheap children’s handles of excellent quality, made of materials designed to protect the little ones, resistant and durable.

Buying children’s handles is to create a charming and fun design principle that will make your children’s room much more beautiful and create an environment in which they will love to be and in which they will feel very comfortable. You can use them on drawers, furniture, door handles, you name it!